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Diversity And Inclusion In Health Services And Policy Research

In June 2014, AcademyHealth and the Institute for Alternative Futures (IAF) convened a group of multidisciplinary experts for a roundtable discussion to develop actionable recommendations to increase workforce diversity and inclusion in health services research (HSR). The imperative stems not only from the need to reflect the changing demographics in the U.S population, but also...
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Health Information Technology: Transition To A Post-HITECH World

The technology landscape has evolved drastically  since the inaugural edition of the Annual Report on Health Information Technology was released 10 years ago. A new report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) describes how this decade of transformation, along with policy changes and public investment, influenced the adoption of health information technology (HIT). The...
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Fiscal Sustainability Of Health Systems

Healthcare costs are rising so fast in advanced economies that they will become unaffordable by mid-century without reforms, according to a new report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) The U.S. is an OECD member. Health systems and expected medical advances in the future will be difficult to finance from public resources...
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Educating Health Professionals To Address Social Determinants Of Health

The Institute of Medicine Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education selected Educating Health Professionals to Address the Social Determinants of Health as a topic to be addressed. The recommendations of the study will inform the work of the Global Forum. A webcast meeting was held on September 15. Videos and PowerPoint presentations of the...
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How Modeling Can Inform Strategies to Improve Population Health

The health sector has a growing need to use modeling to inform policy decisions and for selecting and refining potential strategies (e.g., ranging from interventions to investments) to improve the health of communities and the nation. To explore how modeling can inform strategies to improve population health, the National Academy of Medicine’s Roundtable on Population...
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Improving The Performance Of U.S. Institutions Of Higher Education

To address the lack of information about college quality and costs, the Obama Administration has created a new College Scorecard to provide reliable and unbiased information about college performance. Armed with this accessible and accurate information, students and their families will be able to make more informed decisions and better understand the consequences and tradeoffs...
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80 Colleges Plan Major Changes to College Admissions Process

Eighty of the most prestigious postsecondary institutions have announced the formation of the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success to make major changes to both the Common Application process, as well as the creation of online portfolios for students to develop throughout their high school years that could be utilized as a tool by college admissions officers, community organizations and...
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