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HHS Publishes Rules On Contraceptive Coverage

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published an interim final rule that provides an alternative process for an eligible organization to provide notice of its religious objections to providing contraceptive coverage. It will allow qualifying organizations to notify HHS of their religious objections to providing coverage and the government will in turn contact...
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Transitioning From Volume To Value: Opportunities And Challenges For Health Care Delivery System Reform

The Bipartisan Policy Center’s (BPC) Health Project involves discussions on issues related to physician payment reform and transitioning to alternative systems of payment and delivery. In the coming months, BPC will issue a series of white papers, drawing from those discussions and other resources, to offer legislative and regulatory policy recommendations on the implementation and...
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Transferability of Postsecondary Credit Following Student Transfer or Coenrollment

A new report from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) provides an in-depth examination of the transfer of credit in postsecondary education. It addresses the following questions: (1) How often do members of a cohort of beginning college students transfer or coenroll between postsecondary education institutions during their undergraduate years? (2) How often, and in...
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Drivers Of Higher Education Change

From the availability of digital content-delivery platforms to the abundance of data and new analytic tools, an array of advances is driving change and challenging traditional higher education models, according to a new White Paper from the American Council on Education (ACE). Signals and Shifts in the Postsecondary Landscape is the fourth and final report stemming...
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Result Of States Not Expanding Medicaid

According to a report from the Urban Institute, in states not expanding Medicaid, 6.7 million residents will remain uninsured in 2016 as a result. These states are foregoing $423.6 billion in federal Medicaid funds from 2013 to 2022, lessening economic activity and job growth. Their hospitals are also losing $167.8 billion in Medicaid revenue. Analysis...
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Survey Of Americans On Health

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association (PhRMA) released survey findings that found that 66 percent of Americans believe that they personally had good or great health this year, which is up from 61 percent in 2013. Only 20 percent believed that, on the whole however, the country had good or great health this year. Other...
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Children’s Exposure To Violence

A substantial body of research shows that children raised in low-income families are exposed to more violence than children raised in high-income families, including neighborhood violence, domestic violence and parental violence, also referred to as ‘harsh parenting.’ Violence, in turn, is known to be associated with children’s mental health and human capital development. A new report...
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Geriatrics-Competent Care Webinar Series

A two-part webinar series on Geriatrics-Competent Care is designed to help health professionals in all care settings and disciplines expand their knowledge and skills in the unique aspects of geriatrics care.  The first webinar, an Introduction to Geriatrics-Competent Care, will be on August 20 from 12:00 to 1:15pm ET.  The second webinar on Geriatric Assessment...
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