Deborah S. Larsen, PhD, FASAHP, FAPTA


Current Position

Professor and Director
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
The Ohio State University
453 W. 10th Ave,
Columbus, OH 43210

Background and Aspirations

I am excited to be considered for the ASAHP Board of Directors.  I see this as an opportunity to contribute to ASAHP’s exciting strategic objectives:
1) Interprofessionalism: I am passionate about interprofessional education and as the leader of the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences have contributed to the creation of an expansive program that brings more than 2000 students together across 7 health sciences colleges and 18 professional programs in an IPE curriculum.  In light of the IPE competencies endorsed by the many health professions’ accrediting bodies, ASAHP can expand its leadership and serve as a resource for the implementation of these competencies.
2) Innovation & New Service Development: As a graduate of the ASAHP leadership program; it was special to be asked to serve as a leader in that same program for 2018-2019.  I am also active in the leadership development task force of the APTA and a graduate of the Educational Leadership program In Academic Medicine.  I look forward to continuing to share my expertise with future leaders. 
3) Advocacy: ASAHP has a strong history of national advocacy on behalf of the allied health professions.  Similarly from 2010-2017, I served as president of the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy and its representative to the APTA’s House of Delegates; in both roles, I contributed regularly to advocacy activities and national discussions on healthcare reform. I have also been active in the advocacy discussions within ASAHP and look forward to expanding that activity should I be elected.
4) Alliances & Partnerships: This goal is critical to the success of many of ASAHP’s priorities and to our ability to contribute to the development of the best healthcare system possible that will meet the needs of all Americans now and into the future.  ASAHP has the potential to serve as a linchpin in the creation of new models of interprofessional healthcare through establishing partnerships with the many national organizations of the professions we educate, and working collectively to create collaborative team-based healthcare practices and innovative payment models.  In other leadership roles, I have been able to bring together diverse groups of people to achieve a common solution.   
5) Marketing, Promotion & Growth: I have facilitated the growth of the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy through the development of multiple novel methods, including an online learning system, regional courses, and expanded programming at our national meetings.  I can bring those experiences to the board.  Finally, I would like to see ASAHP take a leadership role in enhancing the diversity of our professions through active marketing and educational activities; we need to market across our professions to prime the interest of diverse students in the allied health professions and encourage holistic admissions to provide a more receptive process for these applicants.  We have implemented a school wide holistic admissions process at Ohio State and are starting to see it achieve results.  Overall, I believe my activities to date have given me a breadth of experience to contribute to the BoD and to the achievement of ASAHP’s strategic plan.  It would be an honor to serve on the ASAHP Board of Directors at this critical time to help the association achieve its five strategic goals and contribute to the future of healthcare delivery and allied health education. 

ASAHP Activities

Activity I:  Research Committee – 2009 – 2015; Chair elect 2009, Chair 2010-2012; led the development of a white paper on the need for research funding in Allied Health (Arena RA et al. Research in the Allied Health Professions: why fund it? J Allied Health; 2011;40(3):161-66.)

Activity II:   Leadership Program Committee Member – 2017- present

Activity III:  ASAHP member 2005 – Present; Outstanding member 2011; ASAHP Fellow 2012.


Relevant Experience

Experience I:  Director, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 2005-Present. Have overseen tremendous growth in this 14 year period:   Student Growth: 1541 – 2,332.  Research growth from 1.2M – 8.3M in annualized direct costs. 

Experience II:  President, Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy (formerly the Neurology Section), 2011– 2017.  Academy was recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association as an Outstanding Component in both 2012 and 2013 and by the Foundation for Physical Therapy Research as a Premier Partner in 2015. President-elect 2010-2011.  

Experience III:  Chief Delegate to the American Physical Therapy Association’s House of Delegates, representing the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy, 2011-2017

Experience IV: Member APTA’s Leadership Development Committee, 2017- present