The New England College of Optometry (NECO)

About the New England College of Optometry
The New England College of Optometry (NECO) prepares the next generation of eye care providers, educators, and innovators through a rigorous curriculum and extensive clinical experiences. NECO graduates compassionate and skilled optometrists prepared to practice in diverse settings. Located in the heart of Bostons Back Bay, the College is a small, independent graduate institution that currently enrolls students from 34 states and 8 countries. The College has its primary didactic teaching location at 424 Beacon Street, Boston and an additional Clinical Training Center located within the largest of its three owned and operated eye clinics (Boston-Commonwealth).

The New England College of Optometry (NECO) Clinical Network is the patient care and clinical education subsidiary of the New England College of Optometry and encompasses a wide network of local, national and international sites throughout which our students do their clinical training. As one of the largest providers of optometric services in Massachusetts, our faculty and students provide optometric services to nearly 90,000 patients annually in more than 43 locations, including many of Greater Bostons community health centers.

NECOs Mission
Changing the way people see the world optometric education, discovery and service.
• integrating innovative education with early and diverse clinical experiences to prepare students to become outstanding Doctors of Optometry
• advancing the frontiers of optometric knowledge through research, and translating that knowledge to improve patients lives worldwide
• cultivating compassionate care of the highest level of proficiency, integrity, and professionalism; influencing public policy; expanding access to comprehensive and specialty optometric services; and instilling sensitivity to the health and social welfare of diverse communities
President Purcells Strategic Priorities for NECO
• Achieve Revenue Diversification/Optimization
• Build a World Class Clinical and Didactic Experience
• Create an Environment with a Sensitivity to the Health and Social Welfare of All Communities; Includes Engagement, Respect, and Inclusion

Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs
The Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs reports into the Vice President/Dean of Academic Affairs. This role provides critical input and oversight to further build, direct and maintain our robust clinical system while providing outstanding clinical training for NECO students. This position will oversee and coordinate the NECO Clinical Network which includes the owned and operated clinics, the community health center network, the affiliated clinical network and the Clinic Training Center while working collaboratively with college leadership, faculty, and staff to maintain excellence for patient care and clinical training.
This role will supervise the following departments and positions: Director of NECO Owned Clinical and Outreach Services, Director of Health Center Network and Clinical Compliance, the Clinical Training Center, Externship Director, Instructor(s) of Record for Clinical Programs and Residency Programs.
• Develop a 5-year strategic plan for the NECO Clinical Network to help guide strategic decisions that aligns with the overarching college wide strategic plan.
• Oversee relationship management for all sites in the NECO Clinical Network.
• Work with direct reports to provide optometric oversight for clinical care and training standards and ensure implementation of appropriate policies and procedures to maintain compliance across the Clinical Network.
• Provide input to the VP/Dean of Academic Affairs and assume responsibility for recruitment of outstanding clinical faculty to meet programmatic needs.
• Provide direction and oversight for the development of, and affiliation with clinical sites to align with programmatic needs.
• Work with faculty and staff to orchestrate the effective administration of the screening program including planning and staffing.
• Oversight of the Clinic Training Facility including input to the VP of Professional Affairs on optometric equipment and technology and other uses of the facility in addition to student training.
• Provide input to the curriculum committee to support ongoing review that optimizes integration of the didactic and clinical components of education.
• Assess the quality of the students clinical education at each site and assist in revising staffing models and faculty training to optimize and create efficiency in the delivery of education and clinical services at NECOs clinical sites.
• Establish and champion an outcomes-based system rooted in core clinical-competencies that standardize expectations for optometric education by clinical faculty and clinical teaching affiliates.
• Develop and implement clinical Inter-professional Education and Clinical Practice (IPECP) programs for students and residents and create new programs and approaches for clinical training.
• Work with the Director of Research to establish and cultivate clinical research opportunities.
• Develop and provide oversight of programs that support professional development of all clinical faculty in their various academic roles and foster high standards for clinical care, teaching and scholarly activity.
• With their respective department heads and in coordination with Department Chairs (if applicable), oversee and coordinate the process for clinical faculty annual review and work plan determination.
• Act as the voice for clinical faculty affairs and as a champion for changes and updates.
• Advocate for and allocate necessary resources for clinical faculty programs, to ensure their quality and maintain compliance with relevant accreditation standards.
• Oversee the maintenance of the clinical faculty database that preserves information on faculty demographics, credentials, work profile, etc. needed to maintain the Clinical Faculty Section for internal and external uses, e.g., Board Reports and accreditation.
• Other duties as assigned.

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