Gary Sayed, Ph.D.


Current Position

Gary Sayed
Dean, College of Health, Human Services & Nursing
California State University, Dominguez Hills
T: 310-243-2046

Background and Aspirations

I’ve been a member of ASAHP since 1998. I am a firm believer in its mission. It meets a unique need in the larger landscape of health professions higher education. The resources and support ASAHP provides for its members is helpful both at collegiate and personal levels. If elected, I would be delighted to serve ASAHP and advance its remarkable mission.

ASAHP Activities

Activity I:  Leadership Development Academy, American Association of Allied Health Professions, 1998

Activity II:  Grant Proposal Reviewer, Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions New Investigators Award (2000-2002)

Activity III:  Reviewer, Journal of Allied Health (1999-2001).

Activity IV: Member, Education Committee (1998 - 1999)

Activity V: Member, Research Committee (1998 - 2004)


Relevant Experience

Experience I:  President, American Board of Science in Nuclear Medicine (2015-2017)

Experience II:  Member, Board of Directors, American College of Nuclear Medicine (2008-2012)

Experience III:  President, Nuclear Medicine Instrumentation Council (2008-2009)

Experience IV: President, Health Physics Society, Medical Health Physics Section (2004- 2005)

Experience V: Fulbright Specialist Reviewer, Council for International Exchange of Scholars, Washington, DC (2004, 2005, and 2006)