Marcie Weinstein

Marcie Weinstein, PhD

Associate Dean
College of Health Professions,
Towson University


Since assuming an Associate Dean position in the College of Health Professions at Towson University approximately 10 years ago, ASAHP has become an important component of my ongoing professional development and identity.  I have contributed in small ways to the organization over the years, for example as a member of the 2004 Leadership Group, as a conference presenter, as a contributor to a number of listserv discussions among the Associate Dean group, and as an active conference/meeting participant.  I have enjoyed significant benefits from my ASAHP affiliation, and would now like to give back by assuming a larger role.

I am quite comfortable with all of the duties and responsibilities of ASAHP’s Nominations and Elections Committee.  I served as a member of the AOTA Nominating Committee for three years, and subsequently chaired the committee for three years, followed by periodic consulting for another two years.  In addition to the active and sometimes persistent recruiting necessary to fill a slate with qualified candidates, my committee dealt with a number of other important tasks.  We worked with the Executive Board to redesign all of the position descriptions for officers, commission and committee chairs, and we successfully transitioned from a paper balloting system to an electronic balloting system in 2006.  We also handled such sensitive issues as verification of candidates’ credentials, as well as challenges to an official vote count.  My review of the ASAHP Nominations and Elections Committee purpose, major functions and general policies, as stated in the ASAHP Policies and Procedures manual, assures me that I have the background and experience to comfortably assume this committee’s responsibilities.

Participation on the Nominations and Elections Committee also offers benefits as a gateway, so to speak! Through candidate recruitment, I hope to be able to meet more ASAHP members and to become better known myself.  This can lead to opportunities for additional involvement with ASAHP, thus enhancing a range of future options for my service the organization.

ASAHP Activities:

  1. Participant, ASAHP Leadership Development Program (2007)
  2. Presenter, ASAHP Annual Conferences (2007, 2009, 2010)
  3. Member, Associate Deans Group, ASAHP Survey Development and Distributrion (2011-2012)
  4. Regular Attendee, ASAHP Conferences and Meetings (2004 – Present)

Other relevant experience:

  1. Chair, AOTA Nominations Committee (2003-2006)
  2. Member, AOTA Nominations Committee (1999-2002)
  3. State of Maryland Representative to AOTA Representative Assembly, (1997-2003) ; (2006-2008)