Teresa Conner-Kerr, PT, PhD, MBA

Teresa Conner-Kerr.jpg

Current Position

Dean, College of Health Sciences & Professions
University of North Georgia
319 A HNS Bldg
82 College Circle
Dahlonega, Georgia 30597
Phone: 706/867/4507
Email: teresa.conner-kerr@ung.edu

Background and Aspirations

I was honored to have been selected to participate in the ASAHP National Leadership Development Program in 2013.  Since 2013, I have served on the Nominations & Elections Committee, Marketing Committee, Chair of the Alliances and Partnerships Committee and attended/presented at the annual conference. Currently, I serve as Dean of the College of Health Sciences & Professions at the University of North Georgia.  Participation in the ASAHP National Leadership Development Program provided me with a solid preparation to meet the intense demands of serving as a dean.  The program also provided me with a network of colleagues that are invaluable as resources and as a sounding board for recommendations and advice.  I enjoy serving in associations and assisting with the important work that is done on membership’s behalf. Throughout my career, I have held the secretary position of two national (elected twice for a two year term with AAWC; one term with NPUAP) organizations and one national examination board (AAWM).  I have served as the newsletter editor for 13 years while serving as secretary for the AAWC and after my term ended.  The newsletter averaged 15-20 pages and I managed approximately 7-10 column editors. I enjoy working in this supportive role to the executive committee documenting committee minutes, tracking project schedules and outcomes and preparing necessary reports.  I would be honored to serve as the next ASAHP secretary.  

ASAHP Activities:

Activity I: Graduate (2013), National Leadership Development Program, The Association of Schools of Allied Health               Professions

Activity II: Marketing Committee, 2016-2017

Activity III: Nominations & Elections Committee; 2016-present

Activity IV: Chair of the Alliances and Partnerships Committee, 2017-present


Relevant Experience:

Experience I: Executive Board member, Association for Advancement of Wound Care (2100 members)        

Treasurer, 2010-2014 (managed >$1 million budget)

Secretary, 2002-2006; Editor of the association newsletter 2002-2015

Experience II:   National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, Secretary 2007-2008

Experience III:  American Academy of Wound Management

Examination Board Member, 2006-2010

Secretary, 2007-2010

 Experience IV: APTA Special Interest Group for Wound Care

Vice President, 2005-2007

Research Chair, 2006-2008