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Benefits of Membership

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Types of Membership

Institutional Members
Any institution of higher education or health care institution which offers a degree or certificate in one or more allied health professions is eligible for Institutional Membership. Through its representative, an Institutional Member has voting privileges (20 votes per institution) and the opportunity to be represented on ASAHP’s Board of Directors. Institutional Representatives are encouraged to participate in all facets of ASAHP’s committee structure, including those committees which deal with issues of governance. Particular to this category of membership is the National Office Update, an ASAHP publication which contains information on legislative activities and funding opportunities as well as policy and position papers.

Agency Affiliates
An organization or agency with an interest in the mission and purposes of the Association, but which does not qualify as an Institutional Member is invited to cultivate a liason relationship with ASAHP as an Agency Affiliate. Through it’s representative, an Agency Affiliate may participate in non-governance committees, as well as create and participate in Interest Sections of ASAHP. Like Institutional Members, Agency Affiliates receive National Office Update.

Individual Members
Members of academic, clinical, or administrative staff of an ASAHP Institutional Member are eligible to participate as Individual Members. Individual Members have voting privileges (one vote per individual), opportunities to hold elective office, and opportunities to serve on any Standing or Ad-hoc Committees.

Individual Affiliates
Individuals with an interest in allied health, be they educators or practitioners, who do not qualify as Individual Members may participate as Individual Affiliates. Individual Affiliates are invited to participate on non-governance committees and to create and participate in Interest Sections.

Benefits of membership

Forum for Critical Issues. Communicate views and concerns to colleagues in allied health in educational institutions, professional associations, government and industry.

Networking. Increase personal, professional, and institutional networks with leaders in the health professions.

Data. Access current data and information on allied health education and cost-effective and innovative concepts, ideas, and developments.

Professional Development. Participate in highly advanced professional development activities through the Association’s sponsored and co-sponsored conferences and meetings.

Research and Development. Become involved with innovative research, development, and action-oriented projects that have an impact on allied health education, research, and service delivery.

Institutional Profile. Participate in and benefit from a yearly statistical profile of member institutions.

Coalition of Allied Health Leadership Development Program. Designed to train leaders from the areas of practice, education, and research.

Representation on the Federal Level. Benefit from the direct access for representation on national task forces, committees, and advisory commissions.

Financial Support. Strengthen the financial support base for institutions through increased governmental and public recognition in local, state, and national arenas.

Publications. Receive complimentary subscriptions to the Association’s monthly newsletter Trends and its official scholarly publication, the Journal of Allied Health. Every member and affiliate receives the Membership and Resource Directory. Institutional and Agency members also receive the biweekly Update electronically.

Publicity. Showcase institutions, programs, faculty members and/or clinical affiliates. Take advantage of lower rates in Trends and the Journal of Allied Health for classified and display advertisements.

Reduced Registration Fees. Attend ASAHP conferences and other meetings, including the Annual Conference and the Spring Meeting at a significantly lower rate.

Toll-Free Telephone Number. Use it when contacting the National Office with any relevant questions or concerns. 1-800-497-8080