2019 Elections

The following positions are open for the 2019 election:

Board of Directors (three-year term) - 1 open position

Secretary (two-year term) - 1 open position

Nominations & Elections Committee (two-year term) - 3 open positions

Candidate form, CV, and a headshot (2” x 3”) must be emailed to jacoby@asahp.org no later than April 1, 2019.

The 2018 Election Results

The results of the Association’s 2018 election are as follows:

Treasurer (two-year term)
Gregory Frazer (University of South Alabama)

Board of Directors (three-year term)
Barry Eckert (Western Connecticut State University)
Cesarina Thompson (University of Hartford)

Nominations & Elections Committee (two-year term)
Teresa Conner-Kerr (University of North Georgia)
Fred Romano (Midwestern University)

Terms of all individuals listed officially become effective at the close of the Annual Conference on October 12, 2018.