House Democrats Introduce HEA Reauthorization Bill

House Education and Workforce Committee Democrats introduced their version of Higher Education Act reauthorization, the “Aim Higher Act”, which highlights Democratic priorities in higher education.

Please find a link to a detailed summary of the bill, along with three fact sheets, including a comparison of key provisions with the “PROSPER Act”, which the Majority moved through the House Education and Workforce Committee along party lines late last year.

The “Aim Higher Act” has several themes including:

  • “Making college more affordable today – by investing in federal student aid –  and helps states make public college tuition more affordable in the future – by incentivizing states to reinvest in higher education,
  • Cracking down on predatory for-profit institutions that target students and veterans with expensive, low-quality programs,
  • Protecting and expanding the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, which is eliminated in the GOP PROSPER Act, and makes student loans simpler and easier to repay,
  • Providing students the tools they need to graduate on time with a quality degree, and
  • Investing in teachers and strengthens training for teachers and school leaders to improve the quality of our schools”. 

While this bill is not expected to move forward in the Republican controlled Congress, it provides a sense of Democrats’ priorities if they regain the Majority in the House of Representatives next year.